Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank you for a wonderful first ever BabyBaby Mini Hunt

Congratulations to our winners

* Tuesday: BabyBaby Organic Shampoo and Organic Calming Body Wash- Elaine Digby
* Wednesday: BabyBaby and 2B Sunscreen duo - summer is coming!- Jolene O'Dwyer
* Thursday: 2B Cleansing Cream, Facial Spray and Day Cream set.-Susan Domett
* Over all Prize: $100.00 BabyBaby Gift Certificate. - To be announced today.

The solutions:

Tuesday July 27th 2010 - Answer was: Retro Awning Feeding Pillow - word needed to be found: 100%

Clue #1: Its Limited
Clue #2: Shade from the sun on your summer holiday.
Clue #3: Addition to your caravan.
Clue #4: Percent of the guarantee

Wednesday July 28th 2010 - Answer was: Babybaby Cradle Cap Shampoo- word needed to be found: Pea

Clue #1: Dedicated
Clue #2: Not knots not what you think
Clue #3: Its not a hat
Clue #4: Food out of context

Thursday July 29th 2010 - Answer was: 2B Night Facial Cream - word needed to be found: Beautiful

Clue #1: Wahine is native to New Zealand like...
Clue #2: Premature
Clue #3: When the sun is down
Clue #4: Good looking skin

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