Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Give-a-way - BabyBaby Tote with $35 of product and vouchers!

BabyBaby are offering this gorgeous Tote for just $3.00 but that's not all!
If you spend $35.00 or more in our online store and add the tote to your cart we will add $35.00 or more of product and/or vouchers to your bag.

For more details visit:

NZ/Australian Store

USA/Canadian Store

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Child!

Look what we found in the latest My Child issue...

BabyBaby Breast Feeding Pillow is available in both our NZ/Aust store and our US/Canada Store

Summer Issue of My Child is on stands in NZ and Australia today.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa Santa Baby Baby

Stuff your baby's stocking this Christmas with products from BabyBaby.


You will love the natural scent of pure essential oils and manuka honey - working together to create products that are soothing and calming for bubs.

Bubs will love the bright packaging which will also keep him entertained during diaper changes and bathing.

You will love that BabyBaby products actually do what they say they will. If it says it will heal baby's rash then it will!

Bubs will love that BabyBaby products are not harmful to her skin and will make her booboos feel better.

You will love the versatility - every product has more than one use. For example: the nappy rash cream can be used on any rash but can also be applied to an insect bite or sunburn or dry skin patch. Body Lotion will hydrate bubs skin but can also double as a nappy area cleaner to prevent diaper rash.

100% money back guarantee - you will both love that if you don't like the product you can have your money back.

My suggestions for stocking stuffers:

0-6 months: Nappy Rash Cream, Moisturizing Body Lotion, Soothing Body powder, Organic Shampoo

6-12 months: Sunscreen, Organic Calming Body Wash, Cradle Cap Shampoo, Natural Conditioner.

12+ Months: Organic Shampoo, Organic Calming Body Wash, Moisturizing Body Lotion, Sunscreen Honey Sticks

Of course you can use babybaby on any age child - these are merely suggestions.

Myths - from the Sun Screen Queen!

Myth: The Higher the SPF the better the protection.

Ultra-high SPF claims are mostly marketing gimmicks. In 2007 the FDA wrote that higher values were “inherently misleading,” given that “there is no assurance that the specific values themselves are in fact truthful…” (FDA 2007).

Scientists are also worried that high-SPF products may tempt people to stay in the sun too long, suppressing sunburns (a late, key warning of overexposure) while upping the risks of other kinds of skin damage.

Myth: SPF 30 provides double the protection of an SPF 15

A sunscreen with an SPF of 15 provides protection against 95% of UVB rays, while one with an SPF of 30 provides 97% protection. However an SPF 30 contains far more chemicals than a 15 which may cause irritation and harm to sensitive skin.

Myth: A tan is healthy

There is no such thing as a 'healthy tan'. A tan is a scar and raises the risk of melanoma regardless of how deeply pigmented your skin.

Myth: A base tan will prevent me from getting permanent sun damage.

A base tan is not a substitute for sunscreen. In fact if you have achieved your 'base tan' by using a tanning bed you may have increased your risk of skin cancer. Children especially do not need a tan or a base tan!

Safe effective sunscreen for mother and child

Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Door Knocking Fundraiser

BabyBaby are offering your organization a way to fund raise from products that your members will love and actually need.

Simple and easy to set up
No taking orders
No handling Money
No products to deliver
We handle everything
Safe - no door knocking
Earn up to 35% of all sales!

Now is a great time to host a BabyBaby fundraiser - with summer on its way your members will be purchasing sunscreen for their families. Why not encourage them to purchase from BabyBaby so that your organization can benefit.

Contact us for more information.

We look forward to working for you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cradle Cap be Dash

There is something about the soft hair of a new baby but nothing nice about unsightly cradle cap. Although not generally a threat most parents want to rid their little one of their dry scalp. Here are a few facts about cradle cap and how to make cradle cap be dash.

What is Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is a form of seborrhoea dermatitis (sebum causing inflammation on the skin). This minor form of inflammatory disease can be found on the scalp, face and occasionally other areas of the body.

Cradle cap appears as thick, oily yellowish or brownish patches on the skin, particularly on the scalp. It can also be found around the eyebrows, nose and ears and sometimes in the genital area. The skin itself appears to be red, flaky and irritated underneath the oily patches. It most often affects children who are between two weeks and two years of age.
Although cradle cap may be unsightly it is not harmful to the child.

During infancy and early childhood, the glands that produce sweat and oil are in a highly reactive state. Cradle cap is simply a build up of sweat and oil produced by these overactive glands. The build up may cause the skin to become irritated. Sometimes an overgrowth of yeast may contribute to the condition.
Occasionally, cradle cap is a symptom of a more serious problem so it symptoms persist it is advised to consult your doctor.

Brush the scalp with a soft bristle brush to loosen the scales.
Follow with Cradle Cap Shampoo, can use daily.
Cradle Cap Shampoo will treat mild conditions of cradle cap by gently cleansing away excess oil from the scalp.
Occasionally, there may be an exception to this rule as seborrhoea reactions may also be due to lack of sebum. If the baby suffers cradle cap as a result of shampooing this may be the case.
The chamomile and lavender oils in Cradle Cap Shampoo will also contribute to regulating the sebum production in the scalp.

Persistant Cradle Cap
For persistant Cradle Cap you can massage 2B Multi-Healing Balm into the scalp prior to shampooing. The balm will gently lift the scales from the scalp for easy

Baby Brandon's Adventures: BabyBaby Skin Care Review & $25 GC Giveaway

Baby Brandon's Adventures: BabyBaby Skin Care Review & $25 GC Giveaway

Kids Fashion Review: Lets Talk Sunscreen !!

Kids Fashion Review: Lets Talk Sunscreen !!: "Its that time of the Year ! Its that time of the year when we are all out purchasing Sunscreen and i have come across two brands that i love..."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kiwi Mummy Blogs

I was really excited to get a review of BabyBaby Organic Calming Body Wash by seasoned kiwi mum blogger BobbyRobin AKA Sarah from Kiwi Mummy Blogs. For one we got a great review (see below) and two I love learning about other mums who seem to seamlessly juggle it all.

Sarah is a mum, a blogger who also runs KMB and (in her words) "in my spare time blogs for NZGirl". According to Sarah in an interview with one of our other favorite mummy bloggers Lil Magoolie "It would be disastrous if I was juggling knives, let me tell you"! But somehow she is managing it all. Check out KMB and see for yourself Sarah and other kiwi mummy bloggers.


We've tried the BabyBaby Organic Calming Body Wash recently and loved it. Actually, I think I love it more than Zoe as I've been using it as a body wash myself - it does say for Mama or Baby!! I just love anything natural for my skin (and Zoe's) and I'm a sucker for that natural lavender/herby smell in products. It just makes me feel like cuddling up and sleeping, so I guess that's the 'calming' part of this body wash's job done!

It bubbles up in the bath, it did get a bit slippery for Zoe though so we use it after the bath is filled as a wash rather than an 'in-bath' soap. It was nice and easy to use.

Sarah, Bobby Robin


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Southern Hemisphere Sun Fest

It is really hard writing about sun protection when Jack Frost has been at my house the last few mornings and we are expecting snow any day but as a majority of our customers are in NZ and Australia I really wanted to share this great find. The bonus being they are great for those of us who are heading into winter too.

Eco Peko Bamboodie

From the Eco Peko website:

The Ultimate Sun Shirt...

Bamboodie is a long sleeved, hooded top that has an extra long body for ultimate coverage. Its made from bamboo is light and silky soft.

Bamboodie’s are naturally anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic, U.V reflective and have superior breathability. This makes the top, cool in summer and warm in winter. So not only will it be great for baby at the beach (dries super quick!), but in winter, can be the first layer on to keep a constant temperature.

I think they are just out right cute! Team one up with some BabyBaby Sunscreen and your little one can enjoy the weather without forever effects of permanent sun damage.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A few tips from the Sun Screen Queen

I am the self professed Sun Screen Queen - ask my kids and they will say I am more the Sun Screen Nazi but either way my goal over the summer is to have the least possible sun damage done to my kids skin as possible.

With the weather warming up in the Southern Hemisphere I wanted to share a few tips which I have put in to practice over the years.

Kids will wear sunscreen! As long as it has the feel good factor. Sticky, stinky, oily creams and sprays will just turn them off. Choose wisely - a sunscreen that feels good, absorbs quickly and smells decent. My six year old loves the smell of the manuka honey in the babybaby sunscreen and tells me every time I apply it " This smells good".

Let your kids have a go at applying their own sunscreen then apply to the spots they missed after wards. You need to apply 20 minutes before going out anyway so be patient and let them be responsible for their own protection. Obviously you will be the judge as to what is age appropriate, but even little ones like to rub the cream onto their arms and this can distract them while you get the rest of their body.

Don't wait until you get to the pool or beach to apply sunscreen - two reasons.
(1) No one likes sand sticking to the sunscreen and kids don't generally want to wait until their skin dries before hitting the water. (2) Most importantly sunscreen needs about 20 minutes to activate and absorb so slather up at home and let the sunscreen do its work while you are traveling.

Sunscreen needs to be reapplied so time your picnic, snack or ice cream break according to when the kids need to boost their protection (and apply before you eat so the sunscreen has time to activate).

Put a tube of sunscreen in the kids lunch boxes and explain how dangerous sun burn can be and that the most risky part of the day is when they are out for lunch. Explain that sunscreen will give them super powers to defend off sun burn.

Keep a tube of sunscreen in your hand bag so that you always have some on hand - don't keep it in the car as it gets too hot and the ingredients can separate.

more info