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Baby Stay Asleep

The Baby Stay Asleep was developed with love by a mother and Licensed Occupational Therapist, Beth Jackson-Gagne.
Beth's own son Luke was diagnosed with Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)at six weeks of age.
During the first few months of his life, he cried often, especially after eating. "Sleeping was particularly difficult for him. Needless to say, his distress was our distress too"! says Beth. "We were advised to raise his crib for sleeping and keep him upright after feedings. We tried to raise his crib, but of course, he would slide down to the bottom and wake up. Our sleeplessness as a family continued".
Beth's 15 years experience specializing in infants and children with developmental delays, reflux issues and other feeding concerns led her to develop a system which not only solved her own son's sleeping issues but is also helping other families throughout the world.
The Baby Stay Asleep is composed of 3 elements:
1.) The wrapper, which "wraps" around baby in the same manner that a diaper does.
2.) The bumpers, which keep your baby from rolling.
3.) The fitted sheet, which has built-in velcro to hold the bumpers and the wrapper, keeping baby secure.

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