Thursday, January 5, 2012

A splash of vinegar with a dash of personality - Vinegar Fridays – a must read

The last thing I thought I would be doing at the end of 2011 is chugging straight vinegar, but then I never imagined myself sitting down on a Friday night and reading entire book from cover to cover about vinegar.
When The Green Granma aka Hana Haatainen Caye compiled her blog posts (vinegar Fridays) into a book I was intrigued. I had wanted to ‘green up’ my cleaning for a long time and had even gone as far as to purchase a huge bottle of vinegar in preparation for my eco friendly housework but that’s where the momentum stopped.
While learning that vinegar can be used for almost all household cleaning from laundry to bathroom, kitchen to fish tank – yes that’s right! I also discovered that vinegar has many benefits for health, hair and skin, Apple Cider Vinegar (raw organic) in particular.
According to the Green Grandma not only will drinking Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) contribute to weight loss but a whole lot of other health related problems– back up here grandma – you want us to drink this stuff?
As it turned out I had been feeling really bloated, overstressed, a little moody and anxious – it was a month before Christmas so probably not too much different from most people.
The green grandma recommends organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (AVC) which was in the organic department of my local supermarket and pleasantly pretty cheap to buy. The thought of downing it with a full glass of water seemed too much so I threw back a few tablespoons full followed by a glass of filtered water and voila! I have to say the affect was almost immediate. The bloating improved considerably, my energy levels are high, in fact, while running around the house spritzing vinegar on every surface just before Christmas I suddenly felt incredibly tired and overwhelmed. I realized I had not taken my daily dose of ACV – took it – and felt great again – house got cleaned, work done and kids came home from school to a non grumpy mother. Another bonus – no more sugar cravings – it’s true! AVC also suppresses your appetite and jump starts your metabolism.
If your new year’s resolution is to clean up your act whether it to be more eco friendly, healthier, happier, more energetic or to lose weight then Vinegar Fridays should definitely be on your read list. The green grandma takes you through every room in the house even giving your beauty supply an overhaul in an often funny, easy to read style. Although I thought of Vinegar Fridays as more of a reference book I promise those ‘dedicated’ will find it hard to put down.
For your daily dose of the Green Grandma check her out on Facebook and/or her Blog
Most definitely BUY THE BOOK and check out Vinegar Fridays own Facebook Page.

Join the revolution. Let us know your vinegar successes.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Small Business Saturday® is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses. It is easy to support big box stores but it is the little businesses which produce locally and keep funds in the community.
On November 26, we're asking you to Shop Small and help fuel the economy. When we all shop small, it will be huge!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Style meets Breast Feeding...

Our Newest style in the BabyBaby Breast Feeding Pillow Decor' Friendly fabric is out.

Inspired by the hip New Zealand fashion industry, BabyBaby continues to create a look that you'll be proud to show off while enjoying the functionality that the popular Breast Feeding Pillow offers.

Zebra stripes meets Polka Dots - 100% cotton top and bottom with durable drill gusset and woven handles. Machine washable and dries in no time.

Position and posture is key when it comes to breastfeeding and it is all about mum! With the BabyBaby Breast Feeding Pillow Mum’s posture improves immediately the pillow is placed around her waist, therefore baby is correctly positioned at the correct height for successful feeding.

Filled with polystyrene beans which are encased in their own inner means you control the height and comfort of the pillow depending on your needs and that of your child.

Note Worthy: Our feeding Pillows are all hand made in New Zealand and are lovingly crafted in totally smoke free environments. We employ local sewers who are mothers and grandmothers who have perfected their craft and enjoy creating our pillows for our precious customers. By purchasing a babybaby feeding pillow not only are your customers supporting their own physical health by supporting their posture while their baby is in the correct position for breastfeeding; they are also supporting NZ women working from home. We have implemented a strict quality control program and back all our products with a 100% money back guarantee. Our sewers take complete pride in their work which we are very proud of. The key here is unlike other breast feeding support pillows, we are a local company, supporting local women. We have never manufactured offshore.

Learn more about Breast Feeding with the BabyBaby Breast Feeding Pillow at babybaby

Monday, October 24, 2011

Treating Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is a form of seborrhea Dermatitis (sebum causing inflammation). Found mainly on the scalp and face of babies and young children. It appears as thick, oily, yellowish or brownish patches and the skin itself can appear red, flaky and irritated.
Cradle cap is simply a build up of sweat and oil produced by overactive glands. Sometimes an overgrowth of yeast may contribute to the condition. The good news is it is treatable.

We recommend Multi Healing Balm with Manuka and Kanuka oils which balance out sebum (oil) production and gently lift the dead skin cells from the scalp.

Treatment of Cradle Cap
• Brush the scalp with a soft bristle brush to loosen the scales.
• Massage Multi Healing Balm into scalp - it will literally lift the cradle cap without causing damage to the skin beneath.
• Leave the Multi Healing balm on over night.
• Shampoo hair and scalp as per usual the following day.

"I have battled cradle cap with three children and am so happy I have finally found something that works. Multi Healing Balm is awesome stuff! To think I wasted so much money on expensive products and time on old wives tales which did not work".
Ashleigh Procter, WA

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Situations Vacant - Work with Multi Healing Balm!

Multi Healing Balm is expanding into stores throughout New Zealand and looking for Regional Sales Reps/Agents.

If you have experience in sales, specifically to pharmacy and health food stores then this could be your dream job!

All applicant tertiary areas will be considered, although we are most interested in hearing from those in the Auckland and Wellington regions.

Part and full time applicants considered.

This is a commission based opportunity for someone who has a professional attitude and a genuine passion to achieve results with a solid record in sales.

This role has a high degree of independence so you will need to work autonomously from a home based office reporting through to our head office based in Hawkes Bay.

You would need to be highly motivated, with the ability to effectively manage time, solve problems, and identify opportunities for business growth but most importantly we are looking for a peoples person with a great work ethic and awesome attitude.

If this is you then we would love to hear from you.

All inquiries will be treated confidentially.

CV should be directed to:

Jodee Reid: info(at)multihealingbalm(dot)com

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Win A tube of Award Winning Nappy Rash Cream - Now CLOSED

Simply the best - BabyBaby Barrier Nappy Rash cream cures even the most resistant nappy rash thanks to our not so secret ingredients of Manuka and Kanuka oils. Native to New Zealand these oils work great individually but together they work magic. Likened to Tea Tree oil but kinder to the skin, these oils are a perfect blend for treating and preventing diaper rash.

Uses: Diaper Rash, dribble rash, chafing, teething rash, and most other non serious rash.

Function: Barrier Nappy Rash Cream has a unique action of both healing and protecting the skin all at once. Natural ingredients are used to reduce redness and irritability of the skin while protecting from further damage caused by moisture and outside irritants. Is effective in all types of rash particularly diaper rash. Use as a cure and a prevention.

Who Can Use it: Newborn and up.

How we use it: Make sure the area is clean and dry. We apply it to any area prone to rash; bottom, face, behind the knees, elbow joints, under the neck, chins and cheeks.

Customer Review: “I LOVE your Barrier Nappy Rash Cream! My son has a very sensitive skin and I was a little concerned when I first applied the product and his skin looked slightly redder than normal but within minutes the rash had settled and by morning was completely gone! Now I use it for everything. We use it at every diaper change to prevent a repeat of the severe rash we had.” Thank you! MJ, Wellington, NZ

Ingredients: Zinc oxide which soothes the skin reducing redness and has anti-fungal properties. Manuka and Kanuka Oils unique to New Zealand, they are anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti septic and anti viral yet they are very kind and gentle to the skin. Sunflower oil, caster oil, almond oil and avocado oil all keep natural moisture in the skin and keep outside irritants out. Mandarin oil and Lavender soothe, calm and heal the skin. Beeswax, Cetearyl alcohol.

Free Of: Artificial color, fragrance and preservatives.

Packaging: 150 ml Tube made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) Recycle #4.


To Win: Tell us below or on our Facebook Page one fact about our nappy rash cream.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Note Worthy...

Something you may not know... all our BabyBaby feeding Pillows are hand made in New Zealand and are lovingly crafted in totally smoke free environments.

We employ local sewers who are mothers and grandmothers who have perfected their craft and enjoy creating our pillows for our precious customers.

By purchasing a BabyBaby feeding pillow not only are you supporting your own physical health, you are also supporting NZ women working from home.

We have implemented a strict quality control program with our feeding pillows and back all our products with a 100% money back guarantee.

Our sewers take complete pride in their work which they are very proud of.

We hand select all our fabrics and are constantly looking at ways to improve our product.

We hope you enjoy our feeding pillows as much as we do - mothers ourselves who have successfully breastfed with a BabyBaby Breast Feeding Pillow