Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What matters most to you in Baby Skin Care?

It is time to have your say. BabyBaby are developing a new product and want to know your thoughts...
What Matters Most to You In Baby Skin Care?
Participate in our poll (to the right of this post) and elaborate more if you wish in our comments section but please keep to the poll topic. We want to know what you want!

Friday, April 24, 2009

NZ's first ever Eco Baby and Kids expo

Join BabyBaby at New Zealand's first ever Eco Baby and Kids Expo

Sat 16th May,
QE2 Memorial Hall, Cnr 11th Ave & Devonport Rd, Tauranga

Over 50 stalls & exhibits showcasing eco-friendly products and services for babies and children.

*demos*talks*workshops*kids fashion parade*fantastic prizes*kids play area*

Join Dem on the BabyBaby stand for great show day deals.

What to do with idy bidy crayon bits...

Wanting to implement reduce, reuse, recycle at home I started to think about what we throw away each day. One thing is crayon bits, you know the crayon breaks in half and no body wants to use half a crayon, or it gets past the paper and no one wants to peel off the paper to use it. Yeah those bits that I seem to find everywhere! It turns out you can melt them down and make new crayons - the sky is your limit. This is a fun activity for the kids too and the new crayons also make cute little gifts.

Here's how is works:
Make sure you peel off all the paper (I would do this in advance as the paper does not come off as easily as I remember as a kid and my children got bored waiting for me to take the paper off).
Break the pieces as small as you can, the kids love this job,although some crayons are hard so we used knives to cut them.

Once you have all your crayons peeled and broken arrange them into moulds (see below). I would try and remove as much of the darker coloured crayons as possible as they tend to take over the coloured ones.
You can mix the colours up or if you have enough bits put one colour in each mould. Heat the oven to 150 C or about 300 F and pop the moulds in the oven (on a tray).
Heat until the wax just melts (about 15-20 minutes).
Remove from oven, cool and pop in the freezer for an hour.
NB: Don't feel like you have to fill the mould completely as a smaller, thinner round crayon is nice too, however do remember the crayons melt down - you don't want your crayon too thin.

Remove from freezer and pop out.
Voila crayons ready to use.
These also make a cool gift especially coupled with a colouring book made with your family photos at crayola.

I used flexable muffin trays as my moulds and these worked great and made it easy to remove the crayons once they were set. I could not imagine trying to get them out of a tin mould but apparently these work very well too.
Muffin Crayons: Put crayon bits into muffin pans (I would not use your best muffin tin as sometimes the crayon stains). You can also use different shaped tins and pans if you have them.
Chocolate Mould crayons: You can also try tin chocolate mould you can make them as above otherwise if they are plastic you can melt the crayons in the microwave (again don't use your best Tupperware here, a heavy paper cup does the job). Microwave 30 seconds at a time until crayons have just melted and pour into mould. Allow to cool and put in the freezer for an hour for easy removal. You can also use soap mould but remember staining may occur.
You can also use candle moulds or look through your recycling bin we found all sorts of moulds from plastic packaging in here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nappy Rash, Diaper Rash, Bottom Rash...

Whatever you call it - rashes are no fun! Thank goodness BabyBaby have a solution to your baby's rash problems.

We use two products to prevent and heal bottom rashes.

BabyBaby Soothing Body Powder
Made from all natural ingredients soothing Body Powder absorbs excess moisture. Is Anti fungal, anti inflammatory and anti septic. Reduces redness and irritability of the skin while protecting from further damage caused by moisture against the skin. Is effective particularly for bottom rash but can also be used for chafing in adults as well. Use as a cure for very mild diaper rash and a prevention.

How we use Soothing Body Powder: Baby - Make sure the area is clean and dry. Gently apply to baby’s bottom, liberally covering the area at each diaper change. Avoid allowing near baby’s nose and mouth. Adult - sprinkle liberally onto chafed areas, areas of body odor concern and on feet and in shoes.

Customer Review: “I purchase this for our baby which has been fantastic but I have to order more because my husband now uses it. He thinks it is wonderful – but don’t tell anyone”. Rita, NZ

Ingredients: Cornstarch absorbs and protects against excess moisture. zinc oxide which is anti-fungal. Allantoin is used to soothe the skin and reduce redness. Pure essential oil of lavender is antiseptic, anti-fungal.

Free Of: French chalk. French chalk is carcinogenic which means cancer forming and is commonly used in talcum powers. Artificial color, fragrance and preservatives.

Packaging: 100 grams. BPA FREE.

BabyBaby Barrier Nappy Rash

Barrier Nappy Rash Cream has a unique action of both healing and protecting the skin all at once. Natural ingredients are used to reduce redness and irritability of the skin while protecting from further damage caused by moisture and outside irritants. Is effective in all types of rash particularly diaper rash. Use as a cure and a prevention.

Customer Review: “I LOVE your Barrier Nappy Rash Cream! My son has a very sensitive skin and I was a little concerned when I first applied the product and his skin looked slightly redder than normal but within minutes the rash had settled and by morning was completely gone! Now I use it for everything. We use it at every diaper change to prevent a repeat of the severe rash we had.” Thank you! MJ, Wellington, NZ

Ingredients: Zinc oxide which soothes the skin reducing redness and has anti-fungal properties. Manuka and Kanuka Oils unique to New Zealand, they are anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti septic and anti viral yet they are very kind and gentle to the skin. Sunflower oil, caster oil, almond oil and avocado oil all keep natural moisture in the skin and keep outside irritants out. Mandarin oil and Lavender soothe, calm and heal the skin. Beeswax, Cetearyl alcohol.

Free Of: Artificial color, fragrance, preservatives, and sulphates.

Packaging: 150 ml Tube made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) Recycle #4. BPA FREE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Natural Skin Care at its best.

2B Skin Care
Is preservative free.
Free of artificial colour
Free of artificial fragrance
Made from top quality ingredients
Not tested on animals.
Made in clean,green New Zealand

Just pure gentle ingredients which pack a punch!
Developed by a mum for mums.
Easy and quick to use with long lasting results.

2B Skin Care Contains:
Manuka honey which supplies cells with a wide range of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Manuka honey also works against ageing and environment damage without affecting the ph of the skin.
Vitamin A: The most important action of vitamin A is that it is a skin normaliser. It is used in skin care preparations to help promote healthy skin cells, collagen and elastin. A great skin healer vitamin A is often used to treat scarring in the skin. It promotes a balanced, normal acting skin by repairing the skin cells themselves.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C protects the skin against environmental and sun damage. It activates vitamin E in the skin and protects the cells when applied daily to the skin. Vitamin C plays a role in diminishing the effects of pre-mature ageing it also stimulates collagen production in the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles and strengthening the elastin to keep skin firm. Vitamin C actively reduces and fades pigmentation and has a profound effect on scar tissue.
Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E)
It is used in its organic form to counteract dry skin. An anti-oxidant, it helps to form red blood cells, muscle and other tissues promoting skin firmness.
Anti-oxidants are made up of vitamins A, C & E to counteract free radical damage in the skins cells.
Free Radicals are molecules which attack the cellular structure causing damage or death to the healthy cell. This damage results in disease of the skin and body.
Why do we add anti-oxidants to the skin and not take them in oral form?
Many people do take anti-oxidants regularly to supplement their diet and this is recommended, however when we take vitamins orally it takes three weeks minimum for those vitamins to reach the skin. By this stage only a small percentage of the vitamin effects and protects the skin as all the other organs in the body get first dibs on the vitamins. As the skin is the largest organ in the body it does require large amounts of anti-oxidants to protect its living cells which is why we apply anti-oxidants directly onto the skin in a form that will penetrate the skin and absorb into the cell itself.
2B Skin Care suits all skin types and addresses all issues. It is a skin normaliser so no matter what your skin type the ingredients work hard to bring it back to a normal acting skin. 2B Skin Care is a simple four step program. Cleanse, tone, moisturise, sunscreen.

The best part is 2B Skin Care is affordable - no breaking the bank for top skin care ingredients. Check out todays specials on 2B Skin Care.

International Delivery available and now you can purchase using pay pal.

For more on specific skin conditions click here

A great website to teach your kids to reduce, reuse and recyle

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BabyBaby Celebrating Earth Day

At BabyBaby we are committed to the environment and strive to produce an Eco friendly sustainable product. Our aim for 2009 is to implement as many earth friendly practices into our company as possible.

We are beginning our earth friendly practice by committing to recycling. In New Zealand we throw away a whopping 3.6 tonnes of rubbish each year! For hints on reducing , reusing and recycling in NZ visit Reduce your Rubbish

All our Green BabyBaby tubes and our 2B Orange tubes are recyclable, but before you throw them in the recycle bin why not re-use them?

Small and big children love the bright colours of our tubes and they make great bath toys. Use empty tubes in the tub for toddler to squeeze water in and out - my kids never tire of this game.

Don't let the environment prevent you from getting out of the house. Check out the Buggy Brolly and enter for your chance to win.

Check back tomorrow for more Earth saving tips from BabyBaby.

Monday, April 20, 2009

BabyBaby @ Lola and Ben

National Agricultural Fieldays™ – Mystery Creek, Waikato

10-13 June 2009

8am-5pm daily

Lola & Ben – New Zealand Style for Little Ones (baby sleeping bags, merino baby clothing, modern cloth nappies, BabyBaby skincare, merino socks, wall decals, baby bibs, wooden toys and more)

Location: Fire Station Building

We are going to have some great show specials and offers.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Find Blue Bird and WIN!!!!!!

Find our Bluebirds and WIN!
The fabulous 5K Giveaway is here! Join in, have fun and win one of these gorgeous prize packs to boot!

Our New Zealand winner will receive...

UberKate Set of Solid Silver Medium UberCircles
The Sleep Store 2 x Merino Kids GoGo Bags (1 winter, 1 standard)
Pipi Child Layette & Merino Wrap
A Wishbone Bike
Nestling Hold Close Merino Sling
Ficklets Products
Generation Wonder Zid Zid Kids Mini Poof and a set of 2 backpacks
Ramalama Wrap Dress, Singlet & Baby Carrier
Valued at $1837 AUD ($2000 NZD)

Enter Here

Monday, April 13, 2009

This week at BabyBaby

Skin Care Specials

No more tears (or tangles)
Free BabyBaby Natural Conditioner when you purchase BabyBaby Gentle Shampoo. Save $16.95

To redeem order Gentle Shampoo, enter ENews reader in the special instructions section of the online order form and we will send you your free Natural Conditioner.

Nappy Rash No More
Receive a Free Comforting Massage Oil when you purchase BabyBaby Barrier Nappy Rash Cream and BabyBaby Moisturising Body Lotion. Save $19.95

To redeem order Barrier Nappy Rash Cream and Body Lotion,
enter ENews reader in the special instructions section of the online order form and we will send you your free Comforting Massage Oil.

Just for Mums
Purchase 2B Skin Care Day and Night Creams and receive any one 2B product of your choice.
Save up to $34.95!

To redeem order 2B Day and Night Cream,
enter your free 2B skin care product choice in the special instructions section of the online order form.

Win a Buggy Brolly with BabyBaby.

More to come:
Celebrate your midwife on International midwives day - check back here soon for details.
Earth day - how green is BabyBaby?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Win a Buggy Brolly with BabyBaby

The Buggy Brolly, is a simple and easy to use umbrella, which provides parents with a solution to a problem that they have been faced with for years, how to hold an umbrella while pushing their child's buggy/pushchair.

Enter Here

Monday, April 6, 2009

Manuka Honey in BabyBaby Skin Care

New Zealand Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is gathered from the New Zealand Manuka bush, which grows uncultivated throughout the country
Manuka Honey has well researched and documented health benefits especially for healing and dietary as well as skin care.

From ancient times honey has been recorded as a healing ingredient. It was recorded inc50AD that honey was good for healing sunburn and spots on the face, also for healing inflammation, sore throats and coughs.
Today Manuka honey in particular has been noted as treating some potent strains of bacteria which are fast becoming resistant to anti-biotics.

Manuka Honey in Skin Care
• Is Highly cleansing
• A natural anti-oxidant, Manuka honey is particularly high in vitamin C
• An anti-inflammatory
• Improves cell regeneration
• Has the ability to destroy large amounts of bacteria including staphylococcus aureus and propiobacterium-common causes of acne
• Improves texture of the skin
• Is hydrating to the skin
• Is gentle to even the most sensitive skins
Why Manuka Honey?
• Research show that honey from the manuka is different to other honey in that it has proven anti-bacterial properties of other honey.
• Manuka honey supplies cells with a wide range of vitamins, amino acids and minerals.
• Manuka honey works against ageing and environment damage without affecting the ph of the skin.

Effect on the skin:
• Healing
• Softening
• Soothes irritated skin
• Cracked dry skin
• Scaly skin
• Sunburned skin
• Chapped or wind burned skin
• Heals minor rashes, cuts, scrapes, bites and bruises
• Wounds
• Skin irritations

Manuka Honey is found in BabyBaby Products:
• Body Lotion
• Body Wash
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Sunscreen

Manuka Honey is found in 2B Skin Care Products:
• Rich Cleansing Cream
• Gentle Cleansing Gel
• Facial Spray
• Night Facial Cream
• Daily Facial Moisturiser
• Sunscreen
• Eye Cream

Find Products

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Have Kids – Will Travel

Ten tips to traveling with toddlers.

  1. Take a mini break every 2-3 hours. Let everyone stretch their legs and get the yayas out. When planning your trip try to coordinate the rest stops at a park or at the very least some where safe away from the roadside for children to run and play. A rest room in the vicinity is a must. Draw a map for your child to follow, add basic markings that they will understand and ask them to point them out along the way. For example: You can add a red car, a big truck, animals which you know you will pass. Use a special mark to indicate your stops and talk the breaks up "when we stop you can run around and play".
  2. Surprise packages – this works wonders as little ones get bored pretty quickly. Have a bunch of pre-made packages made up with little surprises in each. I use a zip lock bag for each individual treat. Put in one or two little items that your toddler can play with and bring them out every 30 minutes or so. Items can be a small toy wrapped in tin foil – the unwrapping is fun. Noise makers are better than whining kids although I recommend bringing these out before your nerves are shattered and take them away again when the next item is given – this for your own sanity. Pipe cleaners – they can make all sorts of creations. Magnets in a cookie tin – they can stick the magnets to the lid and put them in the tin for safe keeping later. Chalk and black paper for drawing. Mini magna doodle. The list is endless.
  3. Blow bubbles. You can do this from the front passenger seat – send them back for toddler to try and catch. This is great to pull out when you are nearing a rest stop and toddler is getting unsettled.
  4. Music – yours or there’s it doesn’t matter as long as you can all sing a long. If you have a particular CD that you play when your toddler naps during the day, take it on the trip with you and put it one when you want him to sleep.
  5. Make up a story about the surroundings as you travel. My kids always remember the story of the fairies that live in the forest along the stretch of road heading towards our lake house. This always gets us through the last twenty minutes of the trip when everyone is tired and grumpy. It takes a bit of imagination but the effort is worth it.
  6. Snacks, snacks and more snacks! Make sure you pack plenty to eat and drink. Toddlers will not wait for the next comfort stop if they are hungry “NOW”. Schedule a picnic stop – much nicer on a fine day than a road side eatery. Avoid high sugar food which tends to offer instant gratification which does not last past the last bite.
  7. Pack a porta potty – again when you got to go you got to go! Make sure you have plenty of wipes too.
  8. When all else fails resort to a portable DVD player – these have been a sanity saver in our car!
  9. Safety: If you’ve ever had one of your little darlings undo their seatbelt while you’re driving, you’ll think these seatbelt “ANGEL GUARDS” are a fantastic idea. They securely cover the red release button on the seatbelt and deter small fingers from undoing their belt, yet only take seconds for an adult to remove.
  10. Travel in our family has been revolutionized by the award winning Snack and Play Travel Tray. Crash tested by a federally recognized laboratory in the USA. Snack & Play Travel Tray is made of soft, durable, 100% Nylon. It buckles either around the child, car seat, stroller, or chair and has side pockets and a 2 inch wall to stop toys and food from falling off the tray.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keep track of their growth with cool removable wall art...

Nikau Palm Growth Chart
The gorgeous Nikau Palm is native to NZ and grows up to heights of 10m or more.
Our beautiful Nikau is hand-painted by us then printed onto our reusable fabric vinyl, this means you can move it countless times. We have included a choice of flying birds- either a Dove or Kereru (which is a native NZ pigeon). This bird will carry a ribbon with your child's name on it. This decal is designed to be written directly onto with a marker pen (sharpie), pen or chalk will do, or on request we can provide you with some stickers to put on top.
This growth chart is a unique piece or art and you wont find any thing else like it in the world.

Note: we will make birds and names for extra children.

Size: Metric and imperial please request preference Nikau trunk measures 60"/3.5" or 1500/90mm. Top of Nikau measures 22/20" or 500/550mm.

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