Sunday, January 30, 2011

Multi Healing Balm

"I just can't get enough of Multi Healing Balm. I have used it all summer for insect bites, bruises, cuts, grazes. Kids + Multi Healing balm = must have"!!!!
Joanne, Auckland, NZ

Multi Healing Balm is the ‘go to balm’ for when you know you need to apply something but not sure what.
Multi Healing Balm contains New Zealand's own Manuka and Kanuka Oils used in traditional Maori medicine to 'heal'.

"Every kitchen should have Multi Healing Balm. I am a cluts and always burning myself. I keep a tube of Multi Healing Balm on the bench, it takes the sting away and the burn dose not leave a mark (or hurt)"

Ronnie M.
Use to aid and promote healing in...
* Cuts, scrapes, bites, grazes, bruises, minor burns.
* Minor Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and cradle cap.
* Acne (including P acne), cold sores, stings, minor rashes.
* Tinea, athlete's foot, thrush.
* Muscle pain, arthritis relief, inflammation, swelling.
* Dry and cracked skin.
Use on any skin condition that needs cleaning, healing or protecting.
Multi Healing Balm contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties.
Multi Healing Balm is complete first aid in a single tube.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Win a One Years Supply of Multi Healing Balm...

Win a One Years Supply of Multi Healing Balm.

Multi Healing Balm is one of our most versatile and popular products. Multi Healing Balm is the ‘go to balm’ for when you know you need to apply something but not sure what. Although we list a selection of recommended uses for Multi Healing Balm on our website, our customers have surprised us with many additional ailments for which this product has been a life saver.

Tell us your story about Multi Healing Balm and why you choose to use it/wish to use it as your first point of call for first aid. We will select our winners and publish the posts on our blog, Facebook, website and/or twitter (only using your name with your permission - see fine print below). Those whose stories are published will receive a one years supply of Multi Healing Balm. Please read fine print below before entering.

Enter your story here

Fine Print:
A one years supply of Multi Healing Balm will comprise of four x 50ml tubes of Multi Healing Balm, based on tube lasting approx three months with regular use.
Multiple winners at the discretion of BabyBaby will be chosen throughout the course of this competition and announced at time of publishing. Judges decision is final.
Prize may not be exchanged for cash, credit or other products.
By entering you give BabyBaby permission to publish your story, however, you may choose to have it publish anonymously by stating so in your entry. Your story may also be used for marketing purposes.
Competition closes on or around February 20, 2011

Back to School Lunch Box Must Have...

With school starting back our thoughts are often about healthy lunch box options. While contemplating low fat and sugar free options for children to eat we also need to be thinking about the time of day our kids are outside on their break.

Although many New Zealand schools now require that children wear sun hats and provide a shady spot to sit, once the contents of the lunch box is consumed our kids are running around unprotected.

According to Sun Smart NZ skin can burn in as little as 15 minutes in mid day sun – the time in which our kids are on their lunch hour!

When my oldest daughter was younger I started packing a tube of sun screen in her lunch box. Before starting her lunch she would apply her sunscreen so by the time she had finished her lunch she was nicely protected against the harmful effects of the sun. I have since done this with all my children who have learned coming home from school sunburned is much worse than not eating the healthy stuff in the lunch box.

Teach you child that:
• Sun burn is harmful
• To apply sun screen to their face, arms and legs before eating their lunch to allow time for active ingredients to work.
• You may like to include a wet wipe or hand sanitizer to use before eating lunch.
• Keep the tube in the lunch box so it will get used
• Don’t think if it does not get used the first time that your efforts a futile, keep encouraging and your child will soon learn.
• Getting into good habits now can protect your child for a lifetime.

BabyBaby sunscreen is safe for the whole family and protects against UVA and UVB rays. Older children can use 2B sunscreen which provides extra anti oxidants for long term skin benefits.

Testimonial: I send the BabyBaby sunscreen to daycare with my 3 year old. I constantly get comments about how lovely it smells and they are totally correct, it does smell divine, makes it a pleasure to put on. Kylie

Name the Fabric Competition Winners Announced...

Congratulations to our name the fabric winners. The new feeding pillows will be available in February.

Congratulations Mel Dehar with Elle-Green.

Congratulations Susan with Pink Stampede

Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to use the BabyBaby Breast Feeding Pillow

Breast Feeding does not always come naturally and it takes time to learn the correct position most comfortable for you and your baby. The mistake many mothers make is to lean forward to accommodate the child which can leave you with back and neck damage. By using a support like the BabyBaby Feeding Pillow you bring baby to you so she is at the correct height and position for latching and your back is straight and comfortable.

• Position yourself in the middle of the couch or a big chair to begin with. Make sure you give yourself plenty of room.
• Ensure sure both feet can sit flat on the ground, you may need a cushion placed in the small of your back to be able to do this while having your back still supported against the back of the chair.
• Sit with your back up straight, making sure you are well supported and comfortable.
• Place BabyBaby Feeding Pillow on your knees. We fill the feeding pillow to maximum capacity so you may wish to remove some beans if you feel the pillow is too high, however, remember baby needs to be at eye level with your breast.
• Place baby on the feeding pillow in any feeding position including ‘football hold’. For football hold you may prefer to angle the feeding pillow so that the ‘u’ is sitting on your hip and baby gets the full length of the pillow.
• Ensure Baby’s body is against yours. Feet, hips, and shoulders should be in line with your front.
• Ensure her nose is in line with your nipple. Her chin should touch the breast first. With her mouth open wide, she is ready to latch. Take care not to push her head into you just nudge her gently and she will get it.
• If you need to remove baby from breast to reposition her gently put her little finger in the corner of her mouth to release suction.
• If baby likes to use her hands while you are trying to get her latched you can wrap her so her arms are out of the way.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Competition - Name the fabric is back!!!! NOW CLOSED.

Competition Closed.

We are giving away TWO $25.00 BabyBaby Gift Certificates!

To enter all you need to do is come up with the most perfect name for one (or both) of our new arrivals.

Below (in two separate posts) we have two new Feeding Pillow fabrics; Leave a comment on what you think we should call each pillow and you are in!

You can name both or just one but we are looking for a theme here so the same person may/but not necessarily win both.

You can enter as many times as you like but remember the name we like best will be chosen.

The winner of each name will receive a $25.00 eVoucher to spend at babybaby

One person is eligible to win multiple times.

The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Prize is final and no Cash equivalent will be given.

Competition will close on or around January 20th, 2011

To give you an idea of previous winners - check out our Feeding Pillow range here.

The BabyBaby Feeding Pillow has been a favorite among mums since its inception eight years ago. Its unique 'U' shape ensures this feeding pillow molds to baby and you, easily, comfortably and correctly. The larger than most surface size means you can use it to feed your infant longer than smaller feeding supports allow.

Filled with polystyrene beans which are in cased in their own inner means you control the height and comfort of the pillow depending on your needs and that of your child.

Fabric #1 - Competition - Closed

WINNER: Susan with Pink Stampede

Details for this competition are in the post above.

Please leave your suggestion for this fabric in the comments section below. You may enter more than once.

Fabric #2 - Competition - Closed

Details for this competition are in a post above.

Winner: Mel Dehar with Elle-Green

Please leave your suggestion for this fabric in the comments section below. You may enter more than once.