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Manuka Honey in BabyBaby Skin Care

New Zealand Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is gathered from the New Zealand Manuka bush, which grows uncultivated throughout the country
Manuka Honey has well researched and documented health benefits especially for healing and dietary as well as skin care.

From ancient times honey has been recorded as a healing ingredient. It was recorded inc50AD that honey was good for healing sunburn and spots on the face, also for healing inflammation, sore throats and coughs.
Today Manuka honey in particular has been noted as treating some potent strains of bacteria which are fast becoming resistant to anti-biotics.

Manuka Honey in Skin Care
• Is Highly cleansing
• A natural anti-oxidant, Manuka honey is particularly high in vitamin C
• An anti-inflammatory
• Improves cell regeneration
• Has the ability to destroy large amounts of bacteria including staphylococcus aureus and propiobacterium-common causes of acne
• Improves texture of the skin
• Is hydrating to the skin
• Is gentle to even the most sensitive skins
Why Manuka Honey?
• Research show that honey from the manuka is different to other honey in that it has proven anti-bacterial properties of other honey.
• Manuka honey supplies cells with a wide range of vitamins, amino acids and minerals.
• Manuka honey works against ageing and environment damage without affecting the ph of the skin.

Effect on the skin:
• Healing
• Softening
• Soothes irritated skin
• Cracked dry skin
• Scaly skin
• Sunburned skin
• Chapped or wind burned skin
• Heals minor rashes, cuts, scrapes, bites and bruises
• Wounds
• Skin irritations

Manuka Honey is found in BabyBaby Products:
• Body Lotion
• Body Wash
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Sunscreen

Manuka Honey is found in 2B Skin Care Products:
• Rich Cleansing Cream
• Gentle Cleansing Gel
• Facial Spray
• Night Facial Cream
• Daily Facial Moisturiser
• Sunscreen
• Eye Cream

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