Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keep track of their growth with cool removable wall art...

Nikau Palm Growth Chart
The gorgeous Nikau Palm is native to NZ and grows up to heights of 10m or more.
Our beautiful Nikau is hand-painted by us then printed onto our reusable fabric vinyl, this means you can move it countless times. We have included a choice of flying birds- either a Dove or Kereru (which is a native NZ pigeon). This bird will carry a ribbon with your child's name on it. This decal is designed to be written directly onto with a marker pen (sharpie), pen or chalk will do, or on request we can provide you with some stickers to put on top.
This growth chart is a unique piece or art and you wont find any thing else like it in the world.

Note: we will make birds and names for extra children.

Size: Metric and imperial please request preference Nikau trunk measures 60"/3.5" or 1500/90mm. Top of Nikau measures 22/20" or 500/550mm.

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