Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kiwi Mummy Blogs

I was really excited to get a review of BabyBaby Organic Calming Body Wash by seasoned kiwi mum blogger BobbyRobin AKA Sarah from Kiwi Mummy Blogs. For one we got a great review (see below) and two I love learning about other mums who seem to seamlessly juggle it all.

Sarah is a mum, a blogger who also runs KMB and (in her words) "in my spare time blogs for NZGirl". According to Sarah in an interview with one of our other favorite mummy bloggers Lil Magoolie "It would be disastrous if I was juggling knives, let me tell you"! But somehow she is managing it all. Check out KMB and see for yourself Sarah and other kiwi mummy bloggers.


We've tried the BabyBaby Organic Calming Body Wash recently and loved it. Actually, I think I love it more than Zoe as I've been using it as a body wash myself - it does say for Mama or Baby!! I just love anything natural for my skin (and Zoe's) and I'm a sucker for that natural lavender/herby smell in products. It just makes me feel like cuddling up and sleeping, so I guess that's the 'calming' part of this body wash's job done!

It bubbles up in the bath, it did get a bit slippery for Zoe though so we use it after the bath is filled as a wash rather than an 'in-bath' soap. It was nice and easy to use.

Sarah, Bobby Robin


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Sounds like a great product.