Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Give-a-way - BabyBaby Tote with $35 of product and vouchers!

BabyBaby are offering this gorgeous Tote for just $3.00 but that's not all!
If you spend $35.00 or more in our online store and add the tote to your cart we will add $35.00 or more of product and/or vouchers to your bag.

For more details visit:

NZ/Australian Store

USA/Canadian Store


Anonymous said...

Our family Christmas tradition is to make batches of Christmas shortbread biscuits to give away to family and for snacks on Christmas Day. So yummy! My girls love helping me make them on Christmas Eve. :-)
Melissa S.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, put my comment above in the wrong place and can't figure out how to delete it :-)