Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to clean your make up brushes and sponges...

The jury is out in regards to how often you should clean your make up brushes and sponges: Every week is not too often and never is not often enough. Considering the hundreds of bad bacteria that live on our skin I am going for the weekly cleanse!

Here's how:

Rinse under warm water.
Apply cleanser to the palm of your hand.
Swirl brush in the palm of your hand with the cleanser.
You can apply the cleanser directly to the sponge and massage in.
Rinse under warm running tap.
Repeat until the rinse water runs clear.
Roll brush handle between the palm of your hands to remove excess water.
Squeeze sponge to remove excess water.
Allow to air dry overnight.

If your sponge is split - its time to get a new one.

If you suffer from breakouts and active acne I would have a spare set of sponges and brushes and wash daily.

If you have an eye infection or skin infection replace your brushes and sponges once the infection has cleared.

Claire Greenwood, make up artist, NZ, uses isopropyl alcohol to sanitize brushes between clients, this can also be used at home.

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