Monday, August 2, 2010

How Does World Breast Feeding Week Make You Feel?

When I first started out in the baby business I approached a large, well known organisation about advertising with them. They had a connection with my target market -mums. The organisation were happy for me to advertise but first they wanted to look over my product list to make sure we did not sell anything which promoted formula feeding.
We did not sell anything associated with formula or bottles or anything of such which was black listed; not because we were anti formula feeding it was because we are predominately a skin care company.
After much thought I decided that perhaps our values did not match and perhaps my advertising dollar was better spent else where. As a mother who had been unable to breastfeed two out of four children I certainly did not want to discriminate against those like myself and our breast feeding pillows have saved the arms of many women who have bottle fed and found this a useful tool to have.
So here we are in the middle of World Breast Feeding week and its all talk about boobs and breast milk, rights to breast feed where and when you like, nationally and internationally organised events and plenty of media attention which has left me wondering - how does this make those who can not or chose not to breast feed feel?

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