Monday, July 26, 2010

Mini Hunt - starts NOW!!!!

Tuesday July 27th 2010 - Playing for: BabyBaby Organic Shampoo and Organic Calming Body Wash

Clue #1: Its Limited
Clue #2: Shade from the sun on your summer holiday.
Clue #3: Addition to your caravan
Clue #4: Percent of the guarantee.

Congratulations to Tuesday's winner - Elaine Digby!

Here is how it works…

Each day we will give you a clue every few hours until all four clues are released.

Clues can be found here on our Blog, on our Competition page and our FaceBook page.

Clues will be released around 8am NZ time.

The clues will lead you to a word on our website.

Once you find that word Click the link and leave the name of the product found and your details. This will put you into the days draw.

The prizes up for grabs are:

* Tuesday: BabyBaby Organic Shampoo and Organic Calming Body Wash
* Wednesday: BabyBaby and 2B Sunscreen duo - summer is coming!
* Thursday: 2B Cleansing Cream, Facial Spray and Day Cream set.
* Over all Prize: $100.00 BabyBaby Gift Certificate.

To be eligible for the daily draw you must have your answer in by midnight NZ time.

For those who start late, you can still compete for the over all prize draw of a $100.00 babybaby Gift Certificate but will not be eligible for the daily prize draw if you have not completed the days hunt by midnight NZ time.

Winners are final and prizes can not be exchanged for cash.

Winners will be notified the following day and the over all winner will be notified no later than Monday August 2nd 2010.


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