Thursday, July 22, 2010

Behind the Scenes - Feeding Pillow

No one at BabyBaby is exempt from homework. This week it was my turn to pre-wash and iron our Decor' Friendly feeding pillow fabric.

I have to tell you I don't mind doing the washing, I have four kids, clothes washing is a part of life. I do, however, detest ironing and avoid it at all costs. So here I find myself having to iron metres and metres of fabric - oh the boredom.

So why do we pre-wash and iron the feeding pillow fabric?

Prevention: We don't want any dye running the first time you wash your brand new feeding pillow so we make sure there is no run off before production.

Shrinkage: We use natural fabrics so there is more chance of shrinkage.

Shape: Different fabric qualities and weights shrink differently. As there is alot of shape in the pillows especially around the zips, then they could end up quite puckered looking and out of shape if we did not pre- shrink the fabric. Again we would not like this to happen to your brand new pillow.

I guess to sum up - we go through this process for you - so that your feeding pillow is in perfect condition when it reaches you. It is clean and ready to use and there is no chance of shrinkage or product distortion when you wash it.

NOTE: We do not use laundry powder, fabric softener or anything that will cause skin reactions for your babies sensitive skin.


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