Monday, March 21, 2011

Fairy Bread - the forgotten party treat

My son was star of the week at school last week. As part of his stardom I had to go into his class and read to the kids and take a snack. I decided to take Fairy Bread because this is considered a New Zealand party food and my son goes to an American school. One child out of the 23 had heard of fairy bread and that child had lived in Australia. Admittedly my own son had never had it until I tested it out on him prior to handing it out to 23 innocent American children. For the record - they loved it!

So what is fairy bread?

Fairy bread is sliced white bread (preferably sandwich bread I used Pepperidge Farms white bread ) cut into triangles (although I used a kiwi cookie cutter to make kiwi shapes), spread with margarine or butter, and covered with hundreds and thousands (sprinkles) which stick to the butter.

Fairy bread is commonly served at children's parties in New Zealand and Australia - a favorite of my childhood and apparently my sons first grade class.

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