Saturday, March 12, 2011

Competition Open World Wide - Lets have some fun!

Giving away 'stuff' is always fun but I decided this time I really wanted to make the competition interesting. Based on some emails going around facebook I had an idea for a fun competition, with lots of prizes at the same time keeping your facebook friends guessing.

Up for Grabs
.2B Cleanser Package - contains 2B Cleansing Cream and 2B Cleansing Gel for Mama.
.BabyBaby Organics: Contains Organic Baby Body Wash and Organic Shampoo.
.Multi Healing Balm Pack: One Years Supply of Multi Healing Balm = x 4 tubes.
.2B Hydrate Pack: 2B Day and Night Cream for Mama.
.BabyBaby Hair Pack: Cradle Cap Shampoo and Natural Conditioner Pack for baby.

How to Enter

Depending on which prize you want to win (and you can enter all of them)tag us using the @ sign with and the answer to the question corresponding to the prize you want to win. For example if you want to win the 2B Cleanser package, update your face book status to twice a day. We will be offering up one prize per day while the competition is running as set out below.

Day 1 -To win 2B Cleanser Pack answer: How many times a day do you cleanse your face?
Day 2 -To win BB Organic Pack answer: How many times a week do you bath your kids?
Day 3- To win Multi Healing Balm Pack answer in one word why you want to win it?
Day 3 -To win Hydrate Pack answer in one word: Do you prefer night or day or both?
Day 5 -To Win BB Hair Pack answer in one word, Where you prefer to wash the kids hair - bath or shower?

Fine Print
Enter for as many prizes as you would like to win but only one entry per prize per day.
Competition is open world wide and prizes will be sent to any country, although postage will be paid by us any custom fees incurred will not. Lost or missing items will not be replaced.
Prize can not be redeemed for cash and judges decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into.
We will choose winners via
Winners will be notified on our facebook wall, on this blog and on our website. It will be up to the winners to contact us.

Competition opens NZ 14/3 and US 3/13.
Competition ends midnight NZ 18/3 US 3/17

1 comment:

Joan said...

Hi there! I'm planning to join your wonderful giveaway, but I just have a question.

It states that only one entry per prize per day is allowed, but it's also stated to update our facebook status twice a day? Wouldn't that make it 2 entries in a day? Hope you could clarify.

Thanks a lot! :)