Wednesday, August 12, 2009


As a mother of four I am always on the look out for a good bargain. Two years ago I found a spider man suit for my youngest son at a garage sale for just $1.00 My son has worn this suit so much so that we have had to patch up holes and re-sew seams. He has worn it at two Halloweens in a row plus to other dress up events and for no apparent reason except that he felt like dressing up. I live in an area where children only dress up for Halloween so I have had cars slow down and point at Mr. four wearing his spider man suit around the neighbourhood. Other kids are fascinated when they see spider man coming towards them in the super market and the preschool are so use to my boy coming in costume that they no longer batter an eye lid. I can not believe how one dollar has brought so much pleasure and fun.
Watching the spider man suit make its reappearance the other day after being discarded for the new Buzz Light Year costume I got to thinking how everyone needs that dollar bargain item. For the month of August if your purchase $50.00 worth of skin care you can choose one of our BabyBaby Products for just $1.00 Use the promo code ONE at check out.

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