Sunday, August 30, 2009

BabyBaby HQ

No. 21 - where is all happens...

No man nor mother is exempt from the labour of love...

Lynette hard at work.

Oh the labeling how we love thee...

Shelves are premium real estate and product fights for optimum positioning.

Our 'state of the art' contraption fills the inner of our famous Breast Feeding Pillow with polystyrene beans. We hold enough beans in our warehouse to fill 102 pillows - unless one of the BabyBaby kids is at the warehouse and decides to use a bag of beans as a trampoline, trust me these are the hardest things to clean up.

Products are taken from the surrounding shelves to the packing table ready to be boxed and dispatched.

That ends our tour. Have a great day and think of us hard at work :)

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