Sunday, May 24, 2009

How far can they go?

Natasha from BabyBaby has just sent one of our funky breast feeding pillows off to the Middle East. They have now traveled all throughout New Zealand, Australia,The United States, Canada, Britain and France! Wow - how much further can they go? I guess our international customers are taking advantage of the poor NZ dollar and buying quality New Zealand made goods - yay for us!

So what is the Breast Feeding Pillow...
Our awesome 'Feeding Pillow' has become hugely popular. Its unique 'U' shape ensures this feeding pillow moulds to baby and you, easily, comfortably and correctly. Filled with polystyrene beans which are incased in there own inner means you control the height and comfort of the pillow.

It comes in a funky combination of machine washable, anti-pill polar fleece and like all our products is multi-functional from newborns to adults.

* Great for breast feeding and establishing correct feeding position for mother and baby.
* Supports mothers back during feeding preventing future back problems.
* Due to correct feeding position for baby, helps prevent feeding associated problems.
* A 'Must Have' for Breast feeding twins simultaneously.
* Supports the back of support people holding baby - great for partners and children.
* Supports baby while she is learning to sit.
* Back support for bed ridden adults.
* Machine washable and dries in no time.
* 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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