Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Great Kids Fashion Hunt

Free to join eScavenger Hunt - Fabulous prizes up for grabs!
Starts June 1st, 2009
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BabyBaby have joined the great eScavenger hunt and have donated some fabulous prizes including our popular Breast Feeding Pillow.

The best part about this online competition is that the Ronald McDonald House Charities benefit. Our part was to donate some of the awesome prizes but to also make a direct donation to Ronald McDonald House (RMH) which happens to be one of our favorite charities.

In 2001 I was first introduced to the amazing RMH in Auckland when my daughter was admitted to Starship Children's Hospital. My family spent a total of five months at the House that year and became regulars to the house over the following years. My family have also been frequent guests at the Wellington RMH.

For families like ours with a chronically ill child having the use of such a fantastic facility has meant we could stay together as a family while making the hospital stay just that little more bearable. Until you are in the situation of having a sick child it is hard to understand the many levels of stress and emotion involved. The RMH charities not only understand but they have successfully come up with an incredible solution -a home away from home.

If you ever have the opportunity to support this cause it is one that really does directly support families. 100% of donations go to the Ronald McDonald Programs.

I hope you are never in the situation where you need to stay at the RMH but if you are, you will truly appreciate the incredible work of staff and volunteers and understand the dire need for this haven for families of ill children.

For more information on the RMH Charities visit RMHC

To join the great eScavenger hunt visit The Great Kids Fashion Hunt

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