Monday, February 14, 2011

My child only eats chicken nuggets

Last week in desperation I posted on Facebook 'My child only eats chicken nuggets". I received some really good feedback and as a result my six year old is trying some new foods and I am no longer cooking up a separate meal for him but do include the foods he likes in the family meal, sans the chicken nuggets of course.

The key to success is definitely perseverance and sticking to your resolve. In order to get my child to change his eating habits I definitely needed to be in it wholeheartedly and not give in!

I have adopted great advice from friend, Jennifer Rath, Director of Psychology at the Children's Institute, Pittsburgh. Jennifer recommends offering choice but not allowing the same food twice in one day. This has become a mantra in our household and has really kept us on track, no more cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is also easy for a little one to understand. My son now knows if he has a cupcake after school he can not have one after dinner, he still has choice as to when he eats the treat but is fully aware that he can not have the treat twice in one day.

Some other great advice came from other mothers on facebook:

Rosie suggests: Get him to come shopping with you - kids love choices.

Vanessa managed to get her picky eater to eat vegetables and salad by continuing to serve it up - don't offer a separate meal. Kids will not starve themselves.

Lisa suggests getting kids involved in the kitchen. Get them to help prepare and cook foods, sampling as they go.

Sarah makes her own healthier nuggets style foods using vegetables.

Kylie agrees - children will not starve, don't offer junk food.

I think it is important to realize, I am the adult in this relationship. My son only eats chicken nuggets because I continue to serve them up for him. Insisting that he eats the same meal as the rest of the family ensures he makes better food choices and is lead by example as he sees the rest of us eat the same food.

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