Thursday, November 12, 2009

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BabyBaby have recently added a Cradle Cap Shampoo to their range, to go with their Natural Conditioner. My 3 year old daughter Emily suffered from cradle cap as a baby and despite trying oils and things, it never really went away and as her hair grew, you just didn’t notice it anymore. When she recently got chicken pox all through her scalp I noticed that the cradle cap was still there and quite bad. Add to that chicken pox scabs and her scalp was not pretty!

I used the BabyBaby Cradle Cap Shampoo on her hair at every bath or shower (it is safe to use every day) and within 2 weeks I saw a huge difference in her scalp. It seemed to help if I used the shampoo, and then the conditioner and I combed the hair while the conditioner was still in and it was so easy and tangle free and really helped get the flakes out. The shampoo foams up nicely and feels and smells great.

Since you only need to use a tiny bit of shampoo (and be careful as it does come out quite fast!) the shampoo lasts for ages so it is great value for money. I’ve been using it on 2 kids for well over a month and I’m not anywhere near half way through it.

I also gave a sample of the Cradle Cap Shampoo to my friends to use on their 4 month old daughter who has quite bad cradle cap and after a few washes, there has been an improvement already. They plan to start using it every day and I’m sure that they will be rid of it completely soon.

The BabyBaby Natural Conditioner is a concentrate so you also only need to use a tiny amount. It is a fabulous conditioner which leaves the kids' hair feeling soft, fluffy and most importantly, tangle-free. It has a subtle natural fragrance from the oils. These products are so much better than the kids’ shampoos on the supermarket shelves, and I love the fact they are made using New Zealand’s oils and Manuka Honey! I’ve used both the shampoo and conditioner in my hair and I really like them for myself as well!

I highly recommend the BabyBaby range of skin and hair care products. Jodee from BabyBaby is a mum of 4 and qualified beauty therapist and product developer. She offers advice on your skin and your child’s skin from her website. With free delivery for purchases over $30 and a 100% money back guarantee on all her products, so you can’t go wrong with BabyBaby.

Reviewed by: Susan Domett

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