Thursday, March 12, 2009

Plant a flower day...

Today is plant a flower day - why today well I have no idea and it seems not many people do, so instead of blogging about plant a flower day I will blog about one of our favorite flowers - chamomile.

Chamomile meaning capable of anything is especially useful for children as it is extremely safe to use and incredibly versatile. From earache to toothache to dry itchy skin to calming an irritable baby. Chamomile is very calming on the emotions which is useful for allergy conditions as many allergies are brought on by stress.

The most important action of chamomile is that it is soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory, therefore valuable in treating any condition where irritation or inflammation occurs, such as sunburn, skin allergies, sensitive skin and acne.

Given all this information how could we not use chamomile extract in our BabyBaby skin care products, it is perfect for infants delicate skin and has the added bonus of keeping them calm.

TIP: A well known sign that your baby is teething is when the cheeks become red and inflamed looking. Massage a small amount of BabyBaby Moisturising Body Lotion into the cheek area; this helps reduce the redness and the chamomile extract helps to soothe the skin as well as the pain from teething. This is an option to use along side medication and natural teething remedies.

So on plant a flower day why not consider planting some chamomile. Many choose to plant it in with the lawn so when you cut the grass you get the sweet aroma of the chamomile flower - a great way to soothe the chosen one to mow the lawn who no doubt is wanting to be anywhere except there!

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