Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aromatherapy in baby skin care

There are many factors that combine to lower the quality of our lives and our state of health. The times when we get sick is when we can least afford to; when we are busy, when we are emotionally weak, when we are stressed. Our immune systems become weak when our mind and body are over exerted, when we are depressed, when we are going through change.

By using aromatherapy on a daily basis we are not only boosting our immune system through the oils themselves but through the effect the oils have on our mind, body and being.

Children are not immune to stress it just occurs in a less obvious way. Stress in a child goes undetected. Think about the child who is overtired and grumpy-she doesn’t settle even though she is tired, refusing to sleep. Exhausted she finally falls into fretful sleep. The next day she wakes up with symptoms of a cold.

By using essential oils with children we address this hidden stress, build their immunities and teach them to be relaxed and calm. The products themselves lend towards touch and massage, creating a bond between carer and child.

I believe essential oils should be readily useable for all. By adding them to my products I have made it simple for parents to naturally treat their children on a daily basis.

Our tubes are all essential oil friendly, meaning they are of a high quality grade to protect the oils from seeping through the tube. They also protect the oils from light. We recommend keeping the tubes in a cool dark place; such as the bathroom cupboard. For more information visit

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