Thursday, January 5, 2012

A splash of vinegar with a dash of personality - Vinegar Fridays – a must read

The last thing I thought I would be doing at the end of 2011 is chugging straight vinegar, but then I never imagined myself sitting down on a Friday night and reading entire book from cover to cover about vinegar.
When The Green Granma aka Hana Haatainen Caye compiled her blog posts (vinegar Fridays) into a book I was intrigued. I had wanted to ‘green up’ my cleaning for a long time and had even gone as far as to purchase a huge bottle of vinegar in preparation for my eco friendly housework but that’s where the momentum stopped.
While learning that vinegar can be used for almost all household cleaning from laundry to bathroom, kitchen to fish tank – yes that’s right! I also discovered that vinegar has many benefits for health, hair and skin, Apple Cider Vinegar (raw organic) in particular.
According to the Green Grandma not only will drinking Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) contribute to weight loss but a whole lot of other health related problems– back up here grandma – you want us to drink this stuff?
As it turned out I had been feeling really bloated, overstressed, a little moody and anxious – it was a month before Christmas so probably not too much different from most people.
The green grandma recommends organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (AVC) which was in the organic department of my local supermarket and pleasantly pretty cheap to buy. The thought of downing it with a full glass of water seemed too much so I threw back a few tablespoons full followed by a glass of filtered water and voila! I have to say the affect was almost immediate. The bloating improved considerably, my energy levels are high, in fact, while running around the house spritzing vinegar on every surface just before Christmas I suddenly felt incredibly tired and overwhelmed. I realized I had not taken my daily dose of ACV – took it – and felt great again – house got cleaned, work done and kids came home from school to a non grumpy mother. Another bonus – no more sugar cravings – it’s true! AVC also suppresses your appetite and jump starts your metabolism.
If your new year’s resolution is to clean up your act whether it to be more eco friendly, healthier, happier, more energetic or to lose weight then Vinegar Fridays should definitely be on your read list. The green grandma takes you through every room in the house even giving your beauty supply an overhaul in an often funny, easy to read style. Although I thought of Vinegar Fridays as more of a reference book I promise those ‘dedicated’ will find it hard to put down.
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Join the revolution. Let us know your vinegar successes.


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