Monday, October 18, 2010

Not just for bums!

From one of our customers - I think we have all been here!

Just thought you might like to know about this one. Had one of
those days on Saturday where it starts out horrible weather-wise, but
turned into a brilliant sunny day. I was out with the kids and not very
well prepared and, well, the short story is Miss 3 months old got sun burnt
on one side of her face and head.

I felt like a terrible mother (still do) and it was bad enough that I really needed to put something on it, although there's not much you can put on a bubba that little. I thought of the multi healing balm which has helped sunburn on me in the past (honest, it's not a regular occurrence!)but thought I'd be safer with the nappy rash cream because of the smaller amounts of essential oils in it.

So I tested it overnight by slathering some of the nappy rash cream up the side of her face and on her forehead (the worst affected parts). Well in the morning I wished I'd just bitten the bullet and put it everywhere because where I'd put the cream was looking really good but on her cheek (where I hadn't put any) was looking worse! Needless to say I liberally applied more nappy rash cream to the rest of her sunburn - and it's much better today.

Anyway, we now have sunhats for both children and two tubes of Baby Baby sunscreen in the nappy bag, so it won't happen again, but I wanted to thank you and thought you might like to add 'heals sunburn faster' to the list of things your wonderful nappy rash cream can do.

We do recommend you use the nappy rash cream on infants under one year old or with sensitive skin in place of the multi healing balm for the exact reason mentioned above - less essential oils. What brilliant customers we have!

BabyBaby products mentioned: Nappy Rash Cream Sunscreen Multi Healing Balm

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