Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What was said...

Recently BabyBaby were recipients of the PTPA Media Awards for our Organic Baby Body Wash.

Here is what one independent reviewer had to say (the number is the score they gave us):

Q: Did you like the scent of this product?


It was a really nice scent, and I really liked that it was not at all strong, nice and light.

Q: Did it cause any irritations to you or your baby's skin?


No, and my son has excema and so lots of other products do irritate his skin.

Q: Do you think this product is a good body wash alternative for babies with
sensitive skin?


Definitely as my son has excema and this did not bother his sensitive skin at all!

Q: Do you think this product is priced fairly?


I do believe that it is a fair price for what it is although I wish you
could get this great of a product at a lower price. It is a very
competitive price though!

Q: Will you continue to use this product?



Q: As a parent, do you have any concerns with this product?


No none at all!

Q: Would you recommend this product to friends or family?


Definitely, especially to families who are concerned about additional chemicals and those with sensitivities in their families!

Q: Did this body wash meet your expectations?


It most definitely met my expectations!

Q: What did you like best about this product?


I liked the look of the bottle, nice and simple, not bright and splashy, a
good, size. I loved of course that it didn't react with my sons
sensitive skin and that there are no harmful chemicals in it!

Q: What did you least like about this product?

I would just add a pump and wouldn't change another thing!!

44/45 - not bad!

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