Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gus Gear

When I think of my friend Sarah I think of the term 'solve a problem and you have a business'. Sarah solved a problem and now has created a very unique niche online business called Gus Gear.
Not everyone needs Gus Gear in fact there are only around 5000 adults and children in New Zealand, my daughter Matisse being one of them. So what is Gus Gear - their tag line Helping medically challenged individuals build confidence and self esteem. For my daughter they provide a cover to hide her ostomy bag which she got when she was just 4 days old.
Most of you thankfully won't need to know what an ostomy is but for some of our children and many adults it is a life saving operation that allows the body to eliminate when the intestine is not working correctly. Although your life has been saved or improved you then need to cope with an ugly bag which sits on the abdomen and for littlies like mine, hangs below clothing lines and is difficult to hide. Thanks to Gus Gear children like mine can have discretion while sporting something pretty cool!
What impresses me most about Sarah is that she is a mum who is building a business to solve a problem but also copes with the many daily challenges of raising a medically complex child.
If you know anyone who has an ostomy please check out Gus Gear they also do covers for feeding tubes and pump bags.
Photo - Matisse sporting an ostomy bag cover from Gus Gear.

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